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when they run driver kills an elderly woman in size and other to the hospital. >> live on the northwest side with tonight's top story. >> i want to get right to surveillance pictures just released by chicago police, it shows fatal hit-and-run crash here's a description, it is a black or dark blue ford f 150
9:01 pm
four-door pickup truck. there was a ladder in the back into the right rear tire is a spare. >> there's no respect for anybody anymore. it was just before noon today to elderly women trying to cross the street near major in jefferson park, witnesses say that two were heading to a beauty salon when they were hit by pickup truck. >> across the street i saw another body in she was not moving anything. >> one of the women died from her injuries and today was her 82nd birthday. the second woman in her late '70s is in critical condition at lutheran general hospital in park ridge. gina brought the suit cora was sitting at the kitchen table when she heard the crash rushed to her balcony and dialed 911 with a description of the vehicle.
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tonight police investigators near businesses canvas trying to piece together surveillance images and clues. as the investigation continues those who live near the scene are pleading for the driver to come forward. it is wrong to just to someone and leave. no license plate number yet and no good description. police say was a man. they have not released the name. former illinois senator
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charles percy has died, he passed away at hospice in washington after suffering from alzheimer's disease. randy bill osama looks back of his life. >> he represented illinois for close to two decades in the u.s. senate once having the foreign relations committee charles h. percy died at 91 after a long struggle with alzheimer's. he served alongside percy and although he was republican in stevens was a democrat he said the two agreed on practically everything, they travel to china together when george w. bush headed the u.s. liaison office in beijing percy entered the senate in 1966 and the canada and upon of the vietnam war and a supporter of tougher enforcement of laws against drug abuse. univ. chicago graduate
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was seen as presidential imperial material, he had become the chief executive of bell and howell corp. at the age of 29, though he may professional success being his personal life was one of tragedy, his first wife died with the reaction to penicillin and in 1966 his daughter valerie was beaten and stabbed to death by an invader and her bed. >> it was something very personally percy also recommended a man who
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would one day to send to the u.s. supreme court he garnered support for job to the u.s. court of appeals rather than through political machine. >> that is 13 today it wasn't back then so his nominations can promote process of discussion and not just from people in political parties. >> for his daughter lieutenant governor schiller recalled percy as gentlemanly. >> not only was he called a dead but he talked with my mom and with me and my brother and congratulated all of us. >> purser made in washington after washing his own consulting firm. he followed the example he left us all.
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>> former vice president walter mondale's daughter eleanor mondale has died following a long battle with cancer. mondale had battled brain cancer since 2005 his career including acting in tv shows including dynasty industries co.. he was an on-air personality for radio and tv news including at wgn radio. he was briefly married to former chicago bears fan in the 1980's, monday was 51 years old. more sadnesses test such as the kennedy family once again ted kennedy's daughter died of heart attack yesterday after working out a health club in washington she was only 51 years old. here she was back in 2009 receiving the presidential medal of freedom on behalf of her father. she is diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002 the treatment led to a mission into brother patrick observed that she loved exercise but her heart gave out. no word on funeral
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arrangements. a body found in northwest indiana tonight with the missing 19 year-old woman. she was reported missing overnight thursday the personal items were still in the car a spokesman said they have a person of interest in that case but he is not in custody. you had to act fast but a few dozen people got a free philips this morning when someone give away $5,000 worth of free gas. the minister takes over part of elope with cameras rolling. why new york mayor michael bloomberg warning about riots. -you may not want to hear this but it looks like tomorrow maybe there rainiest day of the month so far.
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a simple car crashed on i 57 this morning at least one person net debt and three others seriously hurt. the person killed was identified as a 24 year-old to an illinois state police sgt says the driver smiles of alcohol and was among the injured, the car reportedly entered an s curve north of 111th street, rolled over after hitting a light pole and police investigated and cleared the scene. >> funeral services were held today families and friends and loved ones gathered at a church for a 44 year-old to and his wife maria, the bonds are found that their own home after their 17 year-old son called police to report their death the 17 year- old is now charged with killing his parents. police say he threatened to kill his parents
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after they threw out marijuana plants he had been growing in the home. of the chicago aviation department, police and firefighters helped a disaster drill this morning. a federal aviation administration requires bills carry emergency exercise every three years for the nation's large airports, requires a simulated emergency to make sure that everyone is familiar with their assignments. >> warning southwest side business owners about a robbery gang that struck early yesterday morning. police say a surveillance of a captured a picture of an sp you and a tackle restaurants after 6:00 a.m. friday, detective safe for mills entered the restaurant. >> with the high price that the feel somewhat case outsiders managed to gas out for the right price today free. they give
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away $5,000 worth of gasoline at a cisco station in cicero appeared free gas flowed from 10 a.m. until funds ran out. it is a blessing, people going through hard times. 2400 motorists received a $25 philippe. >> several streets were shut down and a look today, they are filming for the man of steel but superman was nowhere in sight. the ell trains are moving. death
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toll is rising from a crash at an air raid in nevada, next investigators try to figure out what went wrong. >> a sense of fighting between rebel groups trying to take control of libya. how dogs help one group returned to normal after serving overseas. this is not only the master of all droids, it's the master of all machines. so powerful, anything you download on your computer is available on your droid bionic instantly, wirelessly, at verizon 4g lte speed.
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dot and others are data after last night's crash. >> the death toll continues to climb after plane crashed friday at an air show in reno nevada. however witnesses at the airshow said the casualty figures could have been much worse. >> i think that that pilot in the last two seconds pulled up because he saw the bleachers and i would guess he probably saved two-300 other people and i don't mean any disrespect to the injured but i would consider him
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to be a hero because he was going for the bleachers and he pulled up and did what i think was his best job to hit the car mack appeared >> the pilot was a 74 year-old into lost control of his vintage plank and the national championship air races in the air show. the real-estate developer in pronounced on pilot from florida for nearly missed a group of spectators and instead crashed into a box seats. >> i think the pilot is a hero. he had to be fighting those controls. >> they're working on identifying what caused the crash. >> what is being called the final battle and libyas civil war, anti gaddafi forces while libya's new leaders try to unite different groups of rebels. they celebrate after reportedly taking over this town of shoddy but their advances have stalled outside of another town because
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of stiff resistance from wireless to more market dossier, there are reports that fans have been arguing and fighting with each other over who should lead the assault to take the town. talk has started to bring the groups under control of the council. a small crude bomb exploded at a private hospital in the tourist town of blogger india, injuring six people. the homemade weapons shattered windows and sent glass flying at digit hospital located just over 2 mi. away from the touch mahal. >> president barack obama is urging $447 billion proposal to boost jobs by asking americans to call their congressional representatives passed legislation he stresses the meat and potatoes this proposal will have. this jobs bill gives tax
9:20 pm
credits to companies that hire our veterans because if you fight for our country the last minute to have to do is fight for a job when you come home. >> president barack obama says he would announce on monday how to pay for his * but which has been promoting on his country ever since. >> he can help us fix the hostile regulatory environment immediately, his party canceled some counterproductive rules that hurt our economy and he can cancel more. >> he also urged the president to adopt republican initiatives including legislation that would give congress need a power over certain high-cost regulations. >> new york mayor he is worried that the country's unemployment situation could spark issues in
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europe and north africa. but the damage to >> conversion is an independent and he made his comments on his radio show yesterday. >> next how the military is using dogs to help soldiers get back to their normal lives. >> and auto show mystery in indianapolis, who ripped off a very expensive car only to ditch a short time later appeared >> and may be called a rustic house but our restaurant critic says the food is far from down- home.
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beenborba witheager to come home after
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an overseas tour of duty. >> but it is not a simple as stepping off the plan, trips must go through a transition period at a military base first appeared house some four legged friends are making the transition easier. >> they were returning from overseas but not quite home yet. they will spend the next few days here at kate canterbury getting processed and debriefed. it is accused transition from their service in kuwait but one that is about to become easier thanks to some visitors waiting outside. >> they come back over here and they are processing, it is a lot
9:26 pm
of sit and wait. it is tough to go from one life style to another overnight. the dogs give them something else to do and think about while they're waiting. >> they're called the welcome home stocks, after barry is one of only two bases in the country that uses dogs like these to return ease the stress of returning veterans. they go through more than one year of training to become pet therapy certified. they provide a sense of normalcy for soldiers who often served in iraq and afghanistan. where nothing is normal. >> they are smiling again in talking to everybody and plan with the dogs, you can see how much the dogs really help them. >> the soldiers are anxious to return home process they go through can seem tedious at best the dogs provide a welcome
9:27 pm
distraction. and i'm a dog owner into this helps a lot. >> and in the end is not just the soldiers were left smiling. they know they have given back and provided a welcome home that only the best friend can provide. >> we enjoy what we do enjoy watching our talks with the soldiers and seeing that it can help them. >> talk about hot wheels, a brand new it 3243 winter show car was stolen in indianapolis from a hotel parking lot the ford hot rod is said to be worth $300,000 and it disappeared from its trailer overnight after being halted from oklahoma. if the car was supposed to be part of a car show this weekend at the indianapolis motor speedway and apparently the thieves got nervous with their right, police say they found it abandoned and a driveway after getting a tip.
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>> in the short run we have only had 12 hundredths of an inch of rainfall since the beginning of september. we have a chance of saying it upwards of half an inch to 1 in. coming into marl but you wouldn't know it as you look at that time lapse pictures. what a gorgeous day this was. we did see a cloud occasionally will over chicago skyline but this is an almost flawless day even though it was cool. the high-temperature today at 70 degrees below the climatological meagher of 75. we made it up to 78 off. . currently in the fifties we are probably not going to get much cooler tonight. the humidity in chicago
9:32 pm
relatively is 70%. we have been watching the two. numbers rise in the good indicator there may be trouble coming into the storm that we are expecting tamara has been producing big thunderstorms in the southern plains. at last check is mostly cloudy at o'hare there are bigger stars down to the south into the flow will be coming out of the southwest so we are expecting to get rain tomorrow. in fact our computer model shows the rain began to invade the area tomorrow and hang around for awhile. the heaviest rain will be occurring late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. the forecast models are
9:33 pm
suggesting this may be more than a sprinkel, we will eclipse that 1207 entry picked up so far this month by picking up maybe one-third of an inch in o'hare and to some areas may get more than 1 in.. notice our wind still coming off like michigan. that should allow the cloudiness to push over this city. wind speeds are not particularly impressive at about 5-15 mi. per hour. this is the chilly air that is bin over the chicago area the past few days it will get into the '70s becomes another chunk of cold canadian air that is expected around midweek. for tonight: look for
9:34 pm
mostly clear low temperature to 947 in some of the suburbs. tamara passing showers in began lining a possibility low temperatures 60-64 and on monday morning clouds as the system drops to the south and east and it will be raining in northern indiana we are thinking but the chicago area should be able to enjoy afternoon sunshine monday. temperatures not unpleasant in the upper 60s and low '70's.
9:35 pm
fine dining ingredients with all of the personal touches of home. our dining critic checks out rustic house. >> voters come to the rescue of a deer who found itself in over its head. >> dan roan has another day in illinois and north western in sports.
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a new chicago restaurant offers farm house decor beneath white tablecloth food. >> from the outside ristic pass in lincoln park it doesn't look especially rustic, inside it is a bit different simple furniture but really the name refers to the chef's simple cooking style. >> neah alki on flat bread doesn't seem drastic but the way we make it work as it ends up being very simple. >> the piece is set annafor this growth octopus looks a little fancy but is
9:39 pm
actually a straight forward combination. other dishes include a wonderful slab of halibut over a corm succotash and pork belly topped with a quilt it with maple glaze and diced potatoes is kind of like breakfast for dinner. a built-in rotisserie oven on the premises which features different cuts of meat every day. the dishes me that every day is the rotisseriehe says he may add a few other interesting animals into the rotisseried mix. we do six different things now and once the fall and winter really kicking you will see a few more changes, no raccoons. >> onto the desert, there is a nice trio of creme brulee,
9:40 pm
coconut chocolate in common flavors and zero lovely blueberry pie the lattice crust peeking above the cast iron container topped with blueberry to lotto. yet this is our why you can. i give rostenkowski 3 stars. i love the rustic feel of the plays into the uncomplicated but flavor rich food, just remember cold the raccoon. >> for more on this week's restaurant text phil at 9799. dozens of chicago is willingly stepped off a roof of a downtown hotel today why they were taken a long way to the lobby. >> oktoberfest celebrations get under way in germany. >>
9:41 pm
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>> a little flat year-old boy in china is back in his mother's arms after dangling outside of window with his head stuck between security bars. they went to work on the bars and got them loose. no comment from the boy as to how and why he got into that predicament. no comment from the mother either. >> a father and son met something all little better than a fish. in paper mich. the two helped save a baby deer which was struggling, they pulled him
9:45 pm
up onto the boat and grabs him there. and in just a few minutes you will see... shallow waters and he made it back on. >> the 39th annual ullin race goes under way this weekend it began last night with a balloon glow. the race got under way late this afternoon with more than 70 entrants. a 160 ft. pink bunny boulogne. others have been known to land in backyards but some finished the race. it is the most well attended six day hot air balloon race in the country.
9:46 pm
>> attend our. water is on the streets of jacksonville's florida at this time. 60 degrees in chicago right now. 76 degrees, it is gorgeous through much of the nation at this hour. here is the radar. the most active weather in the country is in south- central kansas and oklahoma and moving into parts of missouri. powerful thunderstorms here and 60-70 mi. per hour reported and a lot of hill reports. that is associated with a system that will bring chicago rain tomorrow. this is a fairly
9:47 pm
juicy storm system so we will continue to watch but the rain should begin sometime early to meagher but the heaviest rain expected in the area tomorrow afternoon and evening pullout of the area by monday morning. a look at the temperatures for the next three days. 72 tomorrow. it may be more hopeful than real with clouds that will block sunshine but we're hoping to see about that. look to temperatures fall off by wednesday thursday and friday with readings expected back into the 60s before hitting 70 again on saturday. >> just how juicy are we talking on a scale from 1-10? >> i don't know on a scale but also to that water buyers are
9:48 pm
running about 1 in. dutch-1 in. and a half. >> oktoberfest is officially under way in munich germany and since most of us cannot be there here are some of the highlights. this is the 178th annual oktoberfest which lasts for two weeks, more than 6 million people fled the city from now through early october. >> is one thing to rappel down a mountain and another thing altogether to tackle the chicago skyline. maneuvering down 27 stories of the white hotel today and tomorrow all for good cause, they're raising money for respiratory health association.
9:49 pm
in the event is expected to raise more than $160,000, money goes to research programs. united center was packed to the rafters this morning the black hawks giving fans plenty to cheer about during day one of training camp. >> dan roan has highlights from the so, at our company we pay about the same, even though i'm a great driver and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits so you can save money. [sighs] amazing. it's like an extra bonus savings. [ cackling ] he's my ride home. how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal
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>> a perfect day for a little college football. >> they have eight home games this year. never had de had been that. illinois gets 18 to arizona. with a few enemy fans in the house the issue phil mickelson making the drive down from tel hill. jason for banks and for a seven-nothing illinois' lead and they were still ahead 10-7 in the fourth quarter. one of the game with nascent she'll house a.j. jenkins got the corner into the end zone the irish open for
9:53 pm
coming out party against michigan state and they will get it up 7-nothing. notre dame notre dame gave up a field goal. 89 yds notre dame up. they had three more today against michigan state but still get the victory. the irish are on the board in 2011. this is how they start games at west point. northwestern taking on the whole army this afternoon. it was their infantry that did the cash in today. he was the man today. you caught up in the second quarter. he got the foot down cats tie 7-7 at halftime but
9:54 pm
there were down 7 and the fourth quarter. three plays his third touchdown of the day it was the game-winner as northwestern falls 21-14. i was down 27-10 to pick and the fourth quarter. james vandenberg from iowa. 399 yds, the biggest comeback in iowa history 31-27 over pitt and northern illinois plan on the big stage soldier field against no. 7 wisconsin. down a seven- nothing but jasmine hawkins gets and for seven anti's the game. that would be all. wisconsin did just about anything they wanted to especially quarterback russell. a large contingent of
9:55 pm
players and management funeral personnel attended the funeral of pride or lacquers mother. it is officially hockey season in chicago the black hawks trading festival play to a full house yesterday. patrick king was not involved in those but he drove one home in issued out practice, for the newcomers it was an eye opener. >> everyone is screaming at 10 in the morning. i love how the organization tries to engage the fans here and the fans are so receptive. >> we had a long break, a lot of
9:56 pm
rest, a lot of time to enjoy ourselves and it's time to get back to work. >> third round of the bmw march wilson of elmhurst had a rough day 77 still off the base, former northwestern star luke donald world number one, 67 climbing into the top 10. if they're all chasing this englishmen just in rose, he had only three birdies and this would be one of them but he had only one bogey. 69 with a four shot lead into 18 holes to play in the bmw. white sox suffering through another evening with a lost last night and again tonight. in the fifth heading towards that party porch out there, it got there barely put it to run homer it ended 10-3 the sox have lost seven in a row and that looks like somebody got lost a wriggly today. the couple have the opportunity to sweep the * tomorrow, game tied at one
9:57 pm
and the fourth. brian love hair get used to the name you might hear a lot. that is the tie- breaker in the winning run this afternoon as the cubs beat houston 2-1. the nationwide event in chicago land speed way. kind of a quiet afternoon unless you ask ryan trek to round up the infield here, avoiding all issues out there today with a broad kozlowski, he was never challenged after the midpoint in the race only 10 cars were left on the lead lap into was in front of everybody, it was his third nationwide victory this season. that is just about all we have for you guys. >> a lot of pro football tomorrow. >> that is the news for the saturday night. >> thanks for watching see you back here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m.
9:58 pm
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